Thursday, June 23, 2016

Flowery Table Runner Finished!

Finally! I finished this table runner yesterday- it had been in my UFO pile probably for three years, if not longer. It's one of those things I had no idea what to do with, then I finally decided to just dive in and do something.

Sometimes that's just what you have to do. Inspiration comes at the worktable, not the easy chair!

I don't remember where I got the pattern. The fabric was scraps from a lap quilt I pieced several years ago (also not finished, but next up for hand-quilting).

It measures 18 inches on the short side and 30.5 inches long. I handquilted it; the interior is a dragonfly pattern and the border I stitched in the ditch. After I take out the blue ink marking the butterflies it's going to an aunt as a gift.

So glad to be done with it!

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